Iceberg Dual Bubbler

  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • Foot and Hand Operated Dispensing System
  • Drinking spout and bottle filler
  • Built in 4 stage or 5 stage Glacier Water Purifier
  • Patented UV-LED disinfection
  • Continuous Cooling* (Continuously cold water average of 14 °C)
  • Upgrade to mineral or alkaline water

Ideal Application

  • Offices, Schools, Factories, Resorts and more.

*product performance may vary depending on the incoming water supply temperature
  • Operating Voltage – 220V 60Hz
  • Power Rating – 180W
  • Allowable Incoming Water Supply Pressure – 40 – 70 psi
  • Water flow rate – 1000 ml / minute*

*at 25 psi water supply pressure

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