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October 4, 2021

Last Sunday at the Clark International Speedway, a thrilling exhibition race took place. Radical Cars PH put five of their top performing cars on the track to showcase speed and driver skill through British sportscar engineering, making it the fastest racing series in the Philippines.

Kooler Industries is proud to have been a part of this event by providing a stable source of safe and refreshingly cool drinking water for the Radical team. In an event like this hydration is crucial. The sportscar manufacturer’s team can go through about 150 bottles of water a race (5oo ml)–that is equal to 75,000ml of water.

Kooler Industries supported the event by installing it’s heavy duty Water Station water dispenser equipped with a 20inch 3-stage filtration system, plus UV-LED water disinfection. The Water Station connects directly to the on-site water line, and treats the water making it safe and healthy for drinking. This prevented 150 plastic water bottles (500 ml) from being discarded after a single use. Aside from this, everyone's hydration needs were met keeping the team refreshed and sharp throughout the day.

Getting to participate in events such as this gives us at Kooler a chance to make a positive impact on human and environmental health–this is what the Kooler mission is all about.

No plastic bottles, only safe drinking water.

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