For 70 years, Kooler Industries has been innovating drinking fountains and water-purifiers, with the purpose of giving communities and organizations access to the safest water possible. We are focused on developing our products and services, to be the superior solution for dispensing refreshingly cool, safe, and healthy drinking water. Our products are designed for lasting performance and with our reliable service team, we are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.

Our patented 4 and 5 stage Glacier Purifiers use Canadian based company–ACUVA Technologies’ breakthrough UV-LED technology. All Kooler dispensers and drinking fountains are equipped with our Glacier Purifiers and are connected directly to the water source. This eliminates the need for industry bottled water entirely by creating instant access to safe & healthy drinking water.

Safe Water is a vital component to life and Kooler assures the best drinking water quality for you & our community.


Partners with Canadian start up Acuva Technologies to upgrade water purification technology to UV LED technology.


Name change from Philippine Amusement Enterprises Inc. to Kooler Industries Inc.


Hand dryer


Kooler Industries, a Division of PAEI was created and started leasing of drinking fountain (the birth of Iceberg).


FDA/DOH approved water dispenser


Kooler water purification and water dispensers are FDA/DOH approved water purifiers.


Kooler acquires ISO certification 2017 to present


Variants of Iceberg was developed: Dual Bubbler, Iceberg Mini, Glacier, and Hot and Cold. Water Purifier was also introduce as allied products related to water dispenser.


Foundation of Philippine Amusement Enterprises with Jukebox as main business. PAE also brought in the Philippines innovative machines such as coin operated vending machines, beverage coolers and Fax machine.



To be the preferred and most accessible safe water provider using state-of-the-art green water-purification technologies for every household, commercial and industrial customer.



As a leading manufacturer and provider of water-purification systems, we commit to provide safe water using green technologies to promote health, safety, and sustainable growth to our customers, employees, and the community.


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KOOLER INDUSTRIES INC., a trusted supplier and service provider for heating, refrigeration, and hygienic products is committed to conform to the established product standards, assurance of customer satisfaction, and protection of the environment. In order to achieve these, we shall:

  • Implement, maintain and continually improve an internationally recognized integrated quality and environmental management system.

  • Focus our resources and efforts in ensuring compliance with the applicable quality and environmental laws, and other regulations.

  • Operate within the framework of constantly fulfilling corporate objectives and targets.

  • Promote a culture of quality and environmental consciousness and competency among our stakeholders and people working for or in behalf of the organization through regular communication, training and awareness programs. Adopt most appropriate methodologies and technologies that will lead us in our delivery of customer-satisfying products and services, prevention of pollution, conservation of resources, and reduction of other environmental risks.

  • Set market standards for our products and services.

We shall unite in making this policy an integral part of our operations to ensure that it continuously provides us a common purpose and direction of becoming the leader in the industry. This shall be reviewed for continuing suitability on a regular basis and shall be made available to interested parties.