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Cagayan Construction Show 2022

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June 14, 2022

Through the years CagCon has been one of the events that Kooler looks forward to joining as an exhibitor. It is through events like these that we get to understand the needs of our existing and potential customers.

During the event, visitors got to explore our core products in water purification and dispensing. We also offered free purified water refills at our booth, while a lucky few got a chance to sign-up for a free 1-month demo of our Iceberg Purified Water Dispenser.

The Kooler Iceberg is a purified water dispenser that has a built-in cooling and UV-LED water purification system. It connects directly to existing waterlines which means users do not need bottles of water delivered to their offices, schools, and factories. The source water is treated on-site and dispensed ready for human consumption.

Thank you CagCon 2022 for giving companies like Kooler the opportunity to meet and connect with our customers. Till next year!

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