Kooler Industries announced its partnership with Canadian based company ACUVA Technologies

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19 March 2019

On Wednesday, March 20, Kooler Industries announced its partnership with Canadian based company ACUVA Technologies.

Kooler Industries is the Philippines’ largest manufacturer and distributor of drinking fountains, with thousands of units located in schools, shopping malls, restaurants, factories, resorts, and country clubs. Acuva Technologies, based in British Columbia, is the world leader in UV-LED technology that purifies drinking water to a disinfection rate of 99% or higher.

Kooler will be integrating ACUVAs UV-LED Intense beam technology to its Water Purifiers and Drinking Fountains all around the country. The UV-LED technology is estimated to have a 5-year lifespan as compared to the one year life of the outdated UV-lamp technology. The UV-LED also contains zero mercury content as compared to the UV-lamp which requires special waste treatment which may incur fees. This among other key features will make the UV-LED a more cost efficient & environmentally friendly product.

With this new technology, Kooler once again sets the standard for water disinfection technology in the Philippines and will continue with its mission to make clean and safe drinking water solutions more accessible in the country. Let’s be Kooler!

Click to learn more about UV-LED and its integration to Kooler product.

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