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Kooler serves Clean and Safe Drinking Water in supports to Naga City, Cebu Landslide Affected

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October 22, 2018

A massive landslide in Naga City, Cebu struck before dawn due to heavy rains on 20 September 2018. At least 1,528 families (6,489 individuals) were affected. A total of 1,458 families (6,208 individuals) were evacuated to Naga Central Elementary School, Enan Chiong Activity Center  (ECAC), Naalad Elementary School, Apo Cement Gym, and Naga High School. 

The City of Naga, Cebu was declared under a State of Calamity due to damages brought by the massive landslide.

Various local government agencies worked hard to assists the needs of the families affected. Based on reports, in the early stages of the evacuations 11 evacuees started suffering from diarrhea and the Department of Health (DOH) found that the water sources of at least five evacuation centers were positive for fecal coliform, making it unsafe for human consumption.   

In support of our brothers & sisters in Naga City, Kooler Industries provided a Water Station with built-in 5-stage Water Purifier, which filters particles, removes harmful chemicals, soften water, and is equipped with a UV sterilizer that kills remaining bacteria. This unit catered to 389 families (1,068 individuals) based on their bulletin as of 1 October 2018.

To ensure that Kooler Water Station was serving clean and safe drinking water, we conducted a water potability test thru F.A.S.T. Laboratories in which the test result stated that the water being dispensed PASSED the conformance to Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) declaring it safe for consumption.

To date, thousands of evacuees in ECAC are now drinking safe and clean water.

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