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Kooler Water Dispensers, Certified Safe By The FDA

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November 30, 2020

Kooler is proud to announce that our ICEBERG, PACIFIK, and WATER STATION drinking fountains/dispensers are now officially FDA certified products! This means that we have complied and passed all requirements by the FDA Philippines, to officially certify that the water dispensed from all Kooler units are SAFE FOR DRINKING.

Before water is dispensed from any Kooler drinking system, it is treated with UV-LED IntenseBeam Purification Technology. This patented disinfection system is powered by ACUVA Technologies, and is certified by IAPMO against international NSF/ANSI 55 and 372 standards. This breakthrough technology from ACUVA, a global leader in UV-LED disinfection, ensures superior water quality to support a healthy lifestyle. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring that our purification system is up to date and ready for lasting performance.

By using Kooler purified water systems, you can secure safe and healthy drinking water in your schools, work spaces, commercial areas, and communities while reducing the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

KOOLER––Safe Water, Without The Plastic

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