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January 31, 2021

Yes it has been confirmed! This February 2021 Kooler will be bringing you another breakthrough disinfection solution from our partners at ACUVA Technologies.

Introducing the ACUVA Solarix–the most effective portable UV-LED disinfection device on the market, with the power to disinfect against COVID-19 IN LESS THAN 10 SECONDS!

*This claim was validated by InterTek and CUBRC Inc., Buffalo New York - A biodiversity level 3 laboratory certified by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). See test results above.

The SOLARIX is equipped with high powered UV-LEDs that emit 300mW of concentrated UVC power–higher than any portable UV disinfection device on the market today. This enables the device to disinfect surfaces effectively in as little as 10 seconds. The device features an ergonomic design with 180-270º adjustable positioning making it easy to disinfect hard to reach and contoured surfaces.

The SOLARIX is equipped with a USB-C charge port and users can enjoy 1 hour of portable battery life from its 3200maH Lithium Polymer battery. This paired with 10 second disinfection gives users enough time to disinfect multiple areas at a fast pace.

Above all, the SOLARIX is designed with user safety in mind. Some of its key safety features include visible blue light mapping which provides added safety from invisible UV light, and assurance that the desired surface area is being disinfected. The device is also equipped with a double-click power switch that eliminates any accidental activations. Other safety features include a child-lock and auto switch off if the device is left on for more than 3 minutes.

To truly keep your organizations and communities safe, It is important to use UV disinfection products that have validated disinfection claims. This will ensure that you are effectively reducing the risk and spread of viruses like COVID-19. Stay safe, with Kooler.

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