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Congratulations on your Kooler purchase! 

Please register your Kooler product below to activate your one-year warranty. This guarantees you free service and replacement of parts for factory defects that are confirmed by our Kooler Quality Control Team. This warranty is valid for one year.

Note: Damaged or removed serial number stickers will void the product of its warranty. Defects and damages caused by the following circumstances will not be considered factory defects, therefore repairs will be subject to regular charges:

  • Improper installation contrary to the instructions provided in the Kooler manual or Kooler online channels 

  • Unauthorized alteration of parts in a manner that affects the efficiency and performance of the unit

  • Accidental drops that cracks, dents, and breaks internal or external parts  

  • Wear and tear caused by exposing the product to harsh environments that are over the technical capabilities of the unit 

  • Damage caused by natural calamities such as fires, floods, earthquakes, or other incidental events

Thanks for registering.

Customer Service Contacts:

call or text: 0998-5980642

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